About Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Our base rent includes not only your room and board but the following: Weekly Housekeeping, Cable and WiFi, Computer Center, Concierge Services, Maintenance Services, All utilities except for a telephone, 3 meals a day plus snacks, Entertainment provided in the community, Transportation within a 10-mile radius.

We have nurses available 7 days a week, and by phone 24/7. Our Care Partners and Medication Technicians are available for our residents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Yes, we work with all home health companies. Therapists are able to come to the building and treat residents as needed. Mariposa Point proudly partners with Team Select provider of home health services. Team Select also offers a free assessment to all our new residents. Our residents benefit from having the Team Select therapy team in-house, as they get to know the residents and see them in their everyday activities. Our therapy team teaches in-house exercise classes, and offers educational seminars! As an added bonus our therapy team is able to see changes in activity levels of a resident and make recommendations that otherwise may be missed!

During non-COVID times, Mariposa Point has a great activity calendar which includes many scheduled outings that residents get to choose in their monthly meetings. These outings consist of grocery stores, retail stores, malls, gallerias, museums, aquariums and movie theaters.

Yes, you are allowed to have pets in the building, cats and dogs (depending on size).

Transportation is a benefit that is offered for our residents, we provide transportation not only to medical appointments but recreational locations as well! Grocery stores, gallerias, museums and many other locations.

We have a range of exercise programs to meet each individual preference that include: Chair yoga, Strength training (with modifications), Physical Therapy Lead Exercise Program, Balance Training, Walking Club.

Absolutely! Residents are able to sign out and go to family events, shopping, or participate in community events. We do, however, ask that during this pandemic our residents limit their outing to only necessary medical appointments.

Our community believes that intergenerational activities and family involvement is the best type of therapy for our residents. We invite families to come to all of our on-site events and parties. We plan carnivals, happy hours and even sponsor Girl Scout troops to do meetings at our community! We offer support groups and seminars to help navigate the senior world. Due to the pandemic, we are currently offering FaceTime participation within our activity programs, one person-in-person visit (following CDC guidelines) in a designated area, and live streaming videos of our amazing activity programs.

Holidays are so much fun, and we have family gatherings, special guests and entertainment with festive decorations. We have had to improvise our ways of celebrating holidays and birthdays in the community due to the current visitor restrictions. We have managed to still throw some super fun parties and celebrate holidays and this has allowed us and our residents to really think out of the box!

We respect all beliefs and religious affiliations, we strive to accommodate and allow congregations in the building.

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About COVID-19


Mariposa Point follows all of the CDC guidelines, we screen all visitors and staff prior to entering the building and our residents are monitored for signs and symptoms twice a day!

Yes, we currently have a designated area where family can visit their loved one. Residents and family members are required to social distance and wear masks during visits as well. It is equipped with a device to purify the air, and keep our residents safe while enjoying the company of their loved one!

Yes, you are allowed to have pets in the building, cats and dogs (depending on size).

Our move-in process continues to follow the CDC guidelines, we conduct our evaluations via FaceTime or in person (with a mask on) and require our new future residents to have a negative COVID-19 test before move-in.

The test is required to ensure the safety of the current residents, as well as to ensure that the prospects and team members are not asymptomatic carriers.

Unfortunately, we are unsure when COVID-19 precautions and lockdowns will stop. But, as long as we keep our residents safe and follow CDC guidelines, we will continue to keep things as normal as possible.

Mariposa Point offers a concierge service that allows for residents to make a list of what they would like from the store and it will be purchased by a team member and brought directly to their room after being sanitized. Family may also purchase and drop off items for their loved ones!

Housekeeping occurs once a week, however, we clean and disinfect common areas every two hours and after each use!

Yes, private duty can come in as long as they show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, adhere to all community policies and procedures and proper documentation as requested by the community.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 test in the community, we will enforce a 14 day quarantine period.  So long as no residents show symptoms or test positive during quarantine then the quarantine will be lifted at the end of the 14 days.

We are trying our best to keep our residents lives as normal as possible and continue to offer activities such as Bingo, meals in the dining room, trivia, exercise classes, and lectures. All of these activities have been modified to follow safety procedures.

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